12th Executive Officers Nominations

Ethiopian Society of Mechanical Engineers

“To become a center of excellence by meeting stakeholders’ technical and technological needs in the field of Mechanical Engineering”

  • Promote engineering profession and enhance technology to advance the professional interest of its members and to answer the technical and technological needs of the country;
  • Broaden the usefulness of the profession of Mechanical Engineering in the country in general;
  • Contribute to the industrial development and to the mechanization effort of the country;
  • Facilitate the exchange of technical and technological information and ideas pertaining to the professional interest of its members;  
  • Encourage research and development as well as transfer of technology on matters related to the science and profession of Mechanical engineering and allied technologies;
  • Cooperate with educational institutions, public authorities and concerned organs and like minded professional associations at national and international levels for fostering the technical education of the country and the practice of mechanical engineering profession;
  • Assist and participate in the advancement of mechanical engineering standards; participate in their dissemination and facilitate their enforcement;
  • Promote and as conditions permit , enforce a high level of ethical practice

Professional excellence and team-work are the two core values of ESME 



18th ESME Journal

Posted by adminesme

Contents of the Journal

- ESME’s President Message
- Certification in Ethiopia by Birhanu Beshah1, Daniel Kitaw2
- Quality in Engineering and Ethics by Ralf Elben
- Design and Simulation of Pelton Turbine Driven Treadle Pump by Getachew Shunki Tubba  

- What are the major barriers to the successful implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industry? by Zerihun Tariku