Training & Consulting Service

The following trainings would be given annually. Members must subscribe to attend the trainings.

  1. Boiler Standards, Installation, Operations and Maintenance (ESME 001).
  2. HVAC Fundamentals, Installations, Operations and Maintenance (ESME 002).
  3. Fundamentals of Maintenance and Maintenance management system (ESME 003)
  4. Integrated Fluid power systems and Control (Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems (ESME 004).
  5. Occupational health, Safety, Security and Environment (ESME 005).
  6. Pumps and Compressors Selections, Installation, Operation and Maintenance (ESME 006).
  7. Computer aided three dimensional interactive application CATIA (ESME 007) or ANSYS (ESME 008).
  8. Fundamentals of Industrial Refrigeration and Cold Room System, Operation and Troubleshooting (ESME 009).
  9. Equipment Life Cycle Analysis (ESME 012).
  10. Implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and Change Management (ESME 016).
  11. Welding Technology and Quality Assurance (ESME 017).
  12. Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Performance Improvement (ESME 019).
  13. Machine installation and Management (ESME 026).
  14. Waste Management and Waste-to- Energy Conversion Technologies (ESME 027).

If you are interested to take anyof the above trainings or if you want to get updates , please fill in by clicking the Contact ESME link.



I would like to take these  this trainings. As soon as possible, send me the sponsorship letter acquisation letter to Assosa University.

Dear Dawit,

Please send your email to and you will be provided with all necessary information.

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