12th Executive Officers Nominations

How to be an ESME Member

An Individual or Institution can be a member of ESME following the procedure below.

Both type of memberships requests must be met with different requirements. For Individuals to become ESME Member they should fulfill the following requirements,

1) Graduate of Mechanical Engineering or related fields.

2) Pay membership fee of 200birr per year and one time registration fee of 30birr

For Institutions :-

1) They should be Involved in related engineering works

2) Pay membership fee of 1000birr yearly for new membership there is a one time registration fee of 50birr.

Once your payment is confirmed for this year you would be given the password to access this website as authenticated users and enjoy certain benefits.

If you are not a member already or did not have an account please follow the link below and fill the necessary fields and once again if your membership fee of the year is confirmed we will be sending you one time login link for you to login to the website and create your own password for the next login.

Please Use this link to register for membership.