Educational visit

The visit program covered the Maintenance Center and the Operation Control Center (OCC). During the visit members were welcomed by the management and professional staffs. They were briefed specifically about the maintenance center which is responsible for ensuring that all the equipment and facilities of the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Service (AALRTS) infrastructure function properly. The operation control center (OCC) is a center for train operation command, information receiving and dispatching, system equipment monitoring, main truck construction ordering. It was mentioned that the OCC is also a Center for accident and malfunction alarming and emergency processing.
The visitors raised different questions related to their profession where the AALRTS experts responded satisfactorily. ESME members have also contributed relevant ideas that can be used as inputs for future developments.
Finally as the visit was wrapped up by constructive ideas that could lead to the establishment of platform and signing of Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the relations between AALRTS and ESME.