18th ESME Journal

Contents of the Journal

- ESME’s President Message
- Certification in Ethiopia by Birhanu Beshah1, Daniel Kitaw2
- Quality in Engineering and Ethics by Ralf Elben
- Design and Simulation of Pelton Turbine Driven Treadle Pump by Getachew Shunki Tubba  

- What are the major barriers to the successful implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industry? by Zerihun Tariku

- Wind Resource Data Analysis: The case of MYDERHU project site, Tigray regional state, Ethiopia Oumer Issa,
Dr.Ing- Abebayehu Assefa, Dr. Miroslav Petrov, Mesele Hayelom

Theme of the year: 
Certification and Ethics of Mechanical engineers towards improving the quality of products and services
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